Consolation way

Now that the year of Mercy is finishing, it is a great joy for the fraternity “Mother of Mercy” to announce the achievement of a project we have jointly carried out with the current Archbishop David Macaire, Archbishop of St Pierre et Fort-de-France, at that time Prior of the Dominicans of the Saint Baume and who had welcomed this idea with enthusiasm.
Indeed, since April 2015, a  » Consolation Way » was erected in the sanctuary of the Saint Baume, leading from Calvary to the Grotto of Saint Mary Magdelene, enamelled with words and meditations. This pilgrimage, both physical and interior, leads to the rock of the lower grotto, on which the parents who want it may fasten a plaque bearing a date and the first name of their unborn child. They also find there the opportunity to meet a Dominican friar, or to contact the fraternity Mother of Mercy to go further in this appeasement approach.
Because the fraternity also proposes weekends or 5-day retreats called « Stabat Session » (Saint Baume welcome it the last ten years) whose fruits of rediscovered peace and conversion are very encouraging.

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Mother of Mercy is an  » association of the faithful of diocesan right », recognized in 2002 by Bishop Carré, Bishop of Albi. Founded in 1981 by two young Christian doctors, Mother of Mercy wants to serve the people facing the possibility of an abortion or its consequences. The vocation of Mother of Mercy is to promote the dignity of all human life, from conception to natural death.

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